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Malindi take off mishap spares passengers’ lives
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By Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN Uganda 
(eTN) - The failed take-off attempt yesterday, Tuesday, October 9, by a South African-registered, twin-engined aircraft, registered as ZS-SSY, spared the lives of 8 passengers, some of whom, however, were reportedly injured during the accident.
For no immediately available reasons, the aircraft, while on its take-off run, failed to leave the ground but eventually slid off the runway of Malindi Airport in Kenya. Speculation, however, focuses on either burst tires or the collapse of the main landing gear, perhaps supported by the fact that the aircraft, when it came to a stop in the grass besides the runway, was on its belly while the front gear was still extended.
The fire brigade and ambulance services rushed immediately to the scene when the tower saw the plane veer off the runway and evacuated the passengers to a Malindi hospital for treatment.
The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has launched an accident investigation, and inspectors were flown from Nairobi to Malindi to collect the evidence and check out the aircraft’s and pilot’s documentation while also securing the wreck for evaluation of damages and potential technical faults prior to take off.
The destination of the flight was not made available by a regular aviation source from Mombasa, who said overnight he was “stalled” by his own contacts in Malindi and the nationality of the passengers was also not known at the time of going to press.