When designing a Tanzanian Safari, there are two main decisions one has to make: The first one is whether you want a private safari or a s... thumbnail 1 summary
When designing a Tanzanian Safari, there are two main decisions one has to make: The first one is whether you want a private safari or a shared/group safari. A shared safari is a great way to meet new people and reduce costs but (unless you are traveling alone) we usually recommend a private safari because the price difference is not very significant (sometimes none at all) and you'd be able to benefit from full itinerary customization, travel at your own rhythm and pace and have more free space in the car.
The second decision is whether you want to do a camping safari or a lodge safari. This decision will depend on both your budget and comfort requisites. We believe a camping safari, besides being cheaper, is more authentic and can be great fun. On the other hand, a lodging safari can provide you with a different level of comfort and luxury. You can take a look at some of the campsites and lodges that we use in our accomodation page .

If you are interested in a private Tanzania safari, your safari can be completely personalized to suit all your needs and wishes. A private safari can have 1 day or 1 month, can be spent in campsites, lodges or a mixture of both, can include parks from both the northern and sourthern circuit, etc. If you wish to join a group safari, at the bottom of this page you will find a set of standard itineraries (that of course can be changed if all the members of the group agree). You can see the details and prices of these itineraries by clicking on them.

For every detail and doubt about these itineraries or for building a custom private one, please contact us through our contact page.
The price of any itinerary is usually proportional to the number of days of the safari so if you open one of our standard itineraries you can have an idea of the price that the itinerary you have in mind will cost. Depending on the size of the group, the prices can start at 150$ per person per day. But please contact us directly to get a detailed quote for your safari. Even if you plan to do a standard itinerary contact us too for the price. We make a strong effort to offer the best possible prices, which depend upon many factors like the time of the year, the number of tourists, the constantly changing prices of gas and park fees, etc.
If you send us an e-mail, we will get back to you with the best possible price we were able to obtain, possibly offering you good discounts over the listed prices.

What we can guarantee you is that we have the best price/quality ratio of the market. We prefer to make people wishes come true and create a great image rather than more profit. We prefer to give you high-end nikon binoculars that will greatly enhance your safari rather than cheap ones or none. We prefer to use more experienced guides and better/modern 4x4 cars than very old ones. And we usually do private safaris (for 2/3 people, with total decision freedom) at lower rates than many companies do shared Tanzania safaris (5/6 people who don't know each other). With us, private safaris in Tanzania can still be budget safaris. And, of course, we can also provide the most luxurious safaris, with balloon rides, luxurious lodges for every night, etc. But you will know that the value you pay will be fair and that 5% of our profit will go out to help children in local schools.

After all, this Tanzania Safari will be, for you, the journey of a lifetime and it's up to you to decide if you want (and have the budget) to do a luxurious premium safari or a budget safari that is cheap but not less interesting (on the contrary) safari and if you want to have the experience alone and with total freedom or if you want to meet new people along the way. 

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