After decades of talks on climate change and resource depletion, little has changed. Political leaders seem to be going in circles, ... thumbnail 1 summary

After decades of talks on climate change and resource depletion, little has changed. Political leaders seem to be going in circles, and protest culture lacks a blueprint for the future. In 2015, it is time to move from protests to prototypes. 
Instead of a Conference Of Parties, we propose a Proof Of Concept.

POC21 is an innovation camp uniting 100+ makers, designers, engineers and scientists to develop and promote the best open source projects for sustainable living. This is a call for the makers, misfits and rebels, the shapers and makers of a tomorrow’s world - it will be a great adventure and unique experience for everybody involved! Use your chance to be part of this unique gathering from August 15 until September 20 2015 in Chateau Millemont near Paris, France. HOW TO APPLY 

Please fill in this form we’ve prepared for you. Please understand that we will only consider applications that have completed the form, so please take your time to tell us everything we need to know. 

After the end of the application phase (April 24th) we’ll get back to everybody. If you’ve made it on our short list we’ll get to know each other! On Skype, Google Hangout, (red) phone - to get a better idea of who you are, who we are, mutual expectations and all other things that need clarification.


( --- Unique Accelerator --- ) 
World-class mentors, hackers, makers, product designers and industry experts of all fields are waiting for you. We have designed a structured innovation process to work out the best possible results for you.

( --- Unforgettable Memories --- ) 
A 5-week co-living and co-making experience with a handpicked global bunch of enthusiasts just like you, changing the world together.

( --- Tons of Media Contacts --- ) 
Last not least we’ll create a powerful media buzz: Ahead of the climate summit COP21 in Paris we´ll create a maximum media outreach and exposure for your project.

( --- We Got You Covered --- ) 
Our aim is to be able to fully fund your stay with us during the five weeks, including food, tools, materials, party, travel and accommodation at the castle.


( --- Open Source Only --- ) 
We are looking in priority for open source physical products in the fields of energy, housing, food, mobility, communications and the circular economy. Either you already open sourced your hardware (and software) or you are willing to experiment doing so.

( --- Prototypes Over Ideas --- ) 
Please note that we are NOT looking for early stage concepts or drafts of ideas, but projects that have at least developed a functional prototype or beyond (unless, in very specific cases, we estimate they bring tremendous added value to the rest of the participants).

( --- Attendance --- ) 
It´s essential for the creative process to have a stable team over the course of the five weeks. Therefore we ask you to stay with us for the full distance of five weeks. If for some reason this is not possible for you, please make sure to mention it to us - we´ll work out a solution.

( --- Language --- ) 
English will be our main language during the event and every participant must be able to speak it fluently.


If this sounds as exciting to you as it does for us we’re looking forward to hear from you. This call for projects CLOSES on the 24th of April at midnight.