Tanzania packs a lot of wild animals in the  incomparable plains of Serengeti, Mikumi National park and Selous game reserve; Besides the Highest Volcanic Mountains like Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, Tanzania is also proud to have historical features in Bagamoyo, Tanga and Zanzibar with the various beaches all around the coastal areas in the country.
As one of the best safari destinations in Africa, the country boasts of the unique safaris and different activities like Mountain climbing and hiking, Night game drive, and enjoying the sea breezes.

Based on the Tourism Report for 2015, most of the Tourists are coming from Kenya, Uk, USA, Italy, Germany, South Africa and France; with foreign visitors constituting 60% and Domestic tourists only 40%.

With the struggle to motivate domestic tourism, Jovago.com, Africa’s leading hotel booking website, has just launched a campaign encouraging Tanzanians to share photos from across the country and hashtag them with #Tanzaniayetu.

Andrea Guzzoni, Country Manager of Jovago Tanzania says that, “Tanzania has a lot of potentials that everyone could learn from and enjoy the beauties of the country. We do appreciate foreign visitors into the country, but Tanzanians should take personal initiatives to promote our own tourism sector”. 

The campaign will need the local people to share their experiences in the hospitality sector, “We motivate those who never tried to travel, to know that it’s easier to explore their own country and see things they would never expect to see.”  He adds.

Nevertheless, “The Campaign will be on the social media pages Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Some people need an inspiration to erase the believes that travelling is expensive. Lets share the beautiful destinations that we have ever travelled to, give the location with the hashtag #TanzaniaYetu”. Says lilian Kisasa, Public Relations Manager of JovagoTanzania.

Source: Moblog