Kazi zinazolipa mshahara mkubwa zaidi Tanzania, (Jobs that pay high salaries in Tanzania)

Without oil, gold or any other major minerals, there are indeed jobs that pay high salaries to the holders and this article is all about... thumbnail 1 summary

Without oil, gold or any other major minerals, there are indeed jobs that pay high salaries to the holders and this article is all about bringing to your attention what those kinds of jobs are and how much they pay.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a foreigner or a Tanzanian citizen and luckily most of those jobs are available to people of different political, religious and national backgrounds and if you are in any way interested in those jobs here they are below.

Here are the top highest best paying jobs in Tanzania in no particular order

1. Member of Parliament (m.p)

Tanzanian mps are among the best paid law makers in the world as far as I know. To them (I call them greedy fellows) the amount they earn isn’t enough and unfortunately they are always agitating for a salary increase. Here is what a Tanzanian member of parliament makes in a month (30 days to be exact)

Basic salary sh.6,000,000
Entertainment allowance sh.1,000,000
House allowance sh.1,250, 000
Car maintenance allowance sh.3,000,000
Gym membership sh.60,000
Vehicle fixed cost allowance. Sh.3,000,000
Committee meeting allowance sh.100,000
Constituency allowance sh.900,000
A grand total amount of shillings 16,000,000 million which is equivalent to $14,118

2. Commercial bank C.E.Os and Top managers 

The banking and financial sector in Tanzania is also home to some of the top highest paying jobs in Tanzania. Banks in Tanzania pay competitive salaries and bonuses to their employees. Economists and financial analysts are of the opinion that banks in Tanzania pay competitive salaries to employees due to the fact that they make billions of shillings in profits every financial year and hence no room for losses which may have reduced salary and remuneration budgets. It’s often very rare to see a bank in Tanzania making losses whatever the prevailing economic condition is. Currently loan customers are charged 19% interest rate on the money they borrow for whatever reasons. Tanzania banks also make a lot of money in forex
Most major Banks in Tanzania banks don’t make losses and that is why you will see chief executive officers being paid salary in the range of $23,530 - $35,295. Word on the street is that C.E.O's and top managers in Barclays, CRDB, Standard Chattered, NBC, Exim Bank and other co-operative bank are among the highest paid in the banking industry of Tanzania

3. Constitutional / Government office holders

Constitutional office holders are also one of the highest paid people in Tanzania.

  • The chief justice and his assistant
  • Governors,directors and deputy governors of  The Central Bank
  • Chairman of the independent electoral and boundaries commission and the commissioners that come under him.
  • The attorney general
  • Chairpersons and commissioners of various commissions e.g commission on implementation of constitution, Tanzania national commission on human rights e.t.c.
  • All in all constitutional office holders in Tanzania are paid salaries and allowances in the range of $17,647 – $29,412)
  •  Partners in Law Firms and Accounting Firms eg Ako Law firm, Mkono Advocates, Delloite, KPMG etc..
  •  Executives and directors of telecommunication companies i.e Tigo, Airtel, Vodacom
  •  C.E.O''s of  five star hotels such as Serena, Hyatt, Double Tree etc