Introducing to you the Tanzania Anti Poaching And Conservation

TAPAC stands for Tanzania Anti Poaching And Conservation, and this name was carefully selected to make people aware that we are here to mak... thumbnail 1 summary
TAPAC stands for Tanzania Anti Poaching And Conservation, and this name was carefully selected to make people aware that we are here to make a difference.

There is currently a lot of poaching (illegal hunting) being done all over Africa, both by locals killing the game for food and selling to the western world, but also from westerners itself coming for an adventures holiday (though illegal).

It is such a tragedy that our pristine nature and wildlife are disappearing because of yet another of mans selfishness.  Most of the poaching might come from locals, but mainly on order from our other continents around the world. From people wanting everything from a mounted head on their wall, a lions tooth or an elephant tusk, to more intimate parts which is on high value on the Asian market.

Most international organizations that deal with illegal trade of animals normally use the locals for their work, paying them sufficient amount of money to ensure that the job is done, with no trace back to them.

A lot of people all over Africa do poach, but then mainly for food. Not saying this is okay or that we accept it, but at least we can understand their need for food!

We at TAPAC want to intervene, and to our best efforts reduce or stop this illegal trade of game to overseas countries.

We have therefore said that a full 20% of our profit from every single client goes directly in to this project, which per today is a savings account at a local here in Tanzania. 

In the future we hope to be able to actively contribute with money, knowledge and experience.

Our goal:
-    Open up anti poaching training camps on the outskirts of the national parks and private game reserves, where we will have professional Game Rangers doing extensive Anti Poaching training.
-    We will only hire people living close to the national parks and game reserves (as it shows that it’s here the organized crime gangs often hire their workers), making sure that we pay them enough so that they don’t need to involve themselves in something illegal
-    We will actively support every village that participates in the TAPAC project with financial funding, ensuring that the village counsel is supporting our cause.
-    We will also on a monthly basis have lectures in the participating villages, with ethics, wildlife, English, ecology and agriculture as our main subjects.

How to achieve our goals:
-    Every client TAPAC Safaris receive, and automatic 20% of the profit goes directly in to this project. 
-    The project has an estimated start in 2020
-    Estimated start only in 2020, because we unfortunately know that money plays an integral part of peoples life. We will need to be more financially strong in order to pull this project, as we know that the different organized gangs out there are paying quite well, and if we are to succeed we will have to at least match whatever they are paying. We have said 2020 as we then have a few years now where we can set up the planning of the camps, as well as get the funding in to pay all of our staff once they are finished their Anti Poaching training. This is not a guaranteed start as it all depends on the amount of money that TAPAC Safaris can bring in from tourists visiting the country,
-    We will also have a few selected head rangers or captains, who will be stationed in the bush at all times, ensuring that the project goes as planned and so that our former clients can receive updates on how the project is going.
-    The staff (Game Rangers) will also get a bonus according to amount of poachers intercepted
-    We also intend to support the villages where our anti poachers (game rangers) are from, with both educational and financial support, to ensure that we have their future support.